Our Approach

The Motherson Group supports customers from over 270 facilities across 41 countries and 5 continents. We are proud to develop advanced technologies for applications in a diverse range of industries including automotive, healthcare and medical, renewable energy, IoT, mining, defence and agriculture.

Modern landscapes are changing rapidly with advances in technology, access to information and more options for consumers than ever before. Motherson has the unique ability to provide award-winning experiences through the use of highly skilled teams from all over the world. Our expert resources seek and create new trends using existing intelligence and machine learning to disrupt business models.

We're willing and able to invest in the best innovations. Partner with Motherson for a seamless experience at every touchpoint and for each milestone through your product lifecycle.

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Product Development Process

  • Phase 1

    Design & development of your idea

    Our team of engineers, designers and project managers will discuss your product concept to completely understand your requirements, user needs and the product life cycle. Clever design will help to differentiate your product from others and influence customer behaviour – it's all part of the service from Motherson.

  • Phase 2

    Engineering your product with quality components

    From the initial concept, we apply our design for manufacture expertise combined with lean manufacturing principles to create a market-ready product. Our engineers consider all aspects of each product, from the materials required to withstand the environment it’s used in and whether it needs electronics or lighting, to how it is assembled for the volumes required. Leveraging our global supply chain for component sourcing, combined with our robust systems and processes, we expedite your product development.

  • Phase 3

    Product iterations through prototyping and final certification

    Starting with a draft design, we'll use the latest software to develop simulations, ensuring your product is user-friendly and effectively does what it says it’s going to do. A considerable asset prior to full launch, prototype iterations can be tested at low cost and will significantly reduce final development time. Our quality management processes are ISO accredited, allowing us to make certified products compliant to automotive IATF 16949, medical ISO 13485 and electronics IPC-A-610 class 2.

  • Phase 4

    Product testing, leading to full production

    Our team of project managers, engineers and machine operators work together to begin production. Custom plastic moulded parts, containing circuit board assemblies created in our environmentally controlled clean room, are assembled using as much or as little automation as required. Rigorous testing is a priority for every product and every process. We offer a broad scope of verification and metrology services for lighting structures, electronic and mechatronic devices.

  • Phase 5

    Logistics and warranty services for your product life cycle

    Our service doesn't end with your finished, industry-compliant product. We provide tailor-made logistics solutions and leverage our global presence spanning more than 40 countries to deliver your product, all underpinned by effective processes and continuous improvement. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce waste and cost, control inventory and maintain quality. Supply chains continue for warranty requirements as long as you need them, we’re here for you every step of the way.