Case Study

Logo Lamp

Motherson accepted the challenge from premium car makers to evolve functional lighting to include branding elements and invented the Logo Lamp. Mounted under a car mirror, the Logo Lamp projects a logo image onto the road below for extra safety and branding on every vehicle.

Using our capabilities in optic simulation, product validation and testing, as well as high precision moulding and high volume manufacturing, we currently supply millions of Logo Lamps to customers across the globe.

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Logo Lamp 1: 2011 Logo Lamp 2: 2016 Logo Lamp 2in1: 2020
Brightness 15 15/60 60
Image clarity Good Better Best
Size Average market size Smallest in market Smallest in market
Logo Lamp
Surround Lamp


Motherson is proud to work with premium car brands around the globe to evolve their products to suit ever-changing customer desires.

Presented with the challenge to add functional lighting with branding elements to luxury cars, Motherson invented the Logo Lamp – a world first in automotive.

Mounted under a car mirror, the logo lamp uses an approach lamp to display the logo image on to the road below, bringing added safety and a brand strategy to every vehicle.


Motherson partnered with industry experts to serve our international customers the latest in optic and lighting technology.

We supported product evolution using SPEOS and Zemax software for optic simulation. Ensuring the product is fit for its environment required validation testing and an investment in automation for competitive pricing that appealed to our customers.

Optics engineers created specialised tools to complete the project and our expansion into imaging optics meant we acquired precision optic moulding machines capable of producing high volumes.


The first Logo Lamp was released in 2011, followed by Logo Lamp 2 in 2016 and the release of Logo Lamp 2in1 in 2020. As we evolve the Logo Lamp each iteration brings extra brightness, better image clarity and more miniaturisation of the parts required.

Our production volumes continue to grow and we are now producing more than 1,000,000 logo lamps each year.

We’re proud to be lighting the stage for luxury car brands, adding more perceived value without adding significant cost.

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Case Study

Ambient Lighting

A leading sports car maker approached Motherson to create a unique experience in driving comfort and environmental control. We introduced configurable lighting systems to interiors that allow vehicle occupants to adjust the colour and intensity of ambient lighting features.

Components with complex geometries are produced in our optical-class, contaminant-free moulding rooms. Advanced surfaces are created by applying multiple metallic layers via our magnetron sputtering system. The result is a durable, visually appealing thin film chrome that is translucent when lit.

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A UK-based performance car manufacturer wanted to add an innovative, luxury feel to their latest model. Motherson was approached to design a lighting feature hidden within trim pieces along the door and glovebox fascia.

We introduced configurable lighting systems that allow vehicle occupants to adjust the color and intensity of ambient lights based on their personal needs – the latest in integrated comfort features from luxury car makers.

Trim pieces appear in a satin chrome finish, until lit, when ambient lighting appears in six colours, showing an intricate design. All features can be comfortably controlled by the driver.


Motherson is proud to be part of the new era of luxury automotive innovations due to our expertise in advanced surface coatings and the trust of our customers globally. As trusted partners, we’re able to work seamlessly with international car manufacturers, across time zones.

Our history within automotive means we have what it takes to build durable, high-quality products as expected by one of the world’s leading sports car makers. Using the latest SPEOS and Catia software, our design team applied lighting simulation and advanced coating technology to meet the brief.

Durability and visual quality of our metallic finish is achieved using the combination of controlled applications of liquid hardcoat with our custom, high-throughput, magnetron sputtering system. The deposit of multi-layer thin film coatings, creates the luxurious appearance of satin chrome.


The hidden-until-lit fascia and door finishers exceed the performance of electroplated chrome, are UV and abrasion resistant and will not yield to any common forms of corrosion, making them superior to any other comparable coatings.

We use optical-class, contaminantfree moulding processes to create high performance coated surfaces for complex components, all in our environmentally-controlled clean rooms.

The final product is shipped to the UK where it is part of the latest model build. We’re proud to be leading the way in ambient lighting for luxury brands and their customers’ enjoyment.

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Case Study

Clinical Face Shield

The Clinical Face Shield is a single-use device co-designed with ICU clinicians to maximize head coverage. The flexible plastic shield is easily attached to the head piece to create a dome over the head for full coverage.

Motherson worked closely with health professionals to evolve the design and optimise it for both coverage and auditory response.

Manufactured in Australia, the face shield came together quickly to answer the call for essential supplies when they are needed most. We are proud to be part of the supply chain for critical medical supplies in Australia and are committed to the swift, reliable supply of this device through our ISO 13485 quality certified facility.

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Motherson is supporting the demand for Face Shields in the fight against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. We are ensuring continual supply for the protection of those who risk their lives to care for others.

Developed in conjunction with health professionals, our Clinical Face Shield is a light weight, single use device, providing superior head coverage. The device is manufactured in Australia in an ISO 13485 quality certified facility.

All new lightweight face shield co-designed with ICU clinicians to maximise head coverage

Face Shield Features.

  • Lightweight device, optimised for superior head coverage, protection and auditory response
  • Adjustable and flexible for different head shapes
  • Cushioned head band for superior comfort, especially when worn for extensive periods
  • Anti-fog and anti-static, optical plastic visor
  • Australian made, ISO 13485 certified facility
  • Medical grade urethane foam forehead pad
  • Strap is not made with natural rubber latex
  • Meets AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 Personal Eye Protection
    specifications as follows:
    - optical clarity clause 3.2.3
    - thermal stability clause 3.2.10
    - splash resistance clause 3.3.4
  • Passes the 30 second isopropyl alcohol (IPA) submersion test with no performance reduction
  • Registered with IP Australia
  • ARTG registration pending

The Motherson Difference.

We’ve responded quickly, accurately and cost effectively to meet the urgent need for personal protective equipment that significantly increases the protection against infectious disease.

We are proud to support front-line health workers in Australia with critical medical supplies. Motherson is committed to the swift, reliable supply of this device through our ISO 13485 quality certified facility in Lonsdale, South Australia.

Be Involved..

Face Shields are available now for delivery Australiawide. Minimum commercial quantities required.

Talk to us about your PPE needs:
08 8301 7777

Proud to be part of your local supply chain .

Supporting customers in Australia and around the world

End-to-end solutions.

Motherson is proud to support our customers’ success through highly innovative design for manufacture and contract manufacturing.

Based in Lonsdale, South Australia, we provide a complete service from prototype design to full scale manufacture in high or low volumes.

The power of innovation and the passion to create world class products, combined with our global presence spanning 41 countries make us the perfect strategic partner for successful collaboration.

Core capabilities.

  • Efficient in-house design, prototyping, testing and validation, lean manufacturing and assembly
  • Design and manufacture of plastic moulded components and electronics
  • Specialising in thin film coatings, including plasma polymerisation for functional surfaces and metalisation for decorative surfaces
  • Fully automated, hybrid and manual assembly cells, including electronics assembly in an environmentally controlled clean room

Competitive edge.

  • We manufacture to the highest quality standards, achieving world-wide accreditation for: ISO 14001 | ISO 9001 | ISO 13485 ISO 17025 | ISO 45001 | IATF 16949
  • Our focus on automation and investment in the latest technology enables our pricing to be competitive, even with low cost manufacturing countries
  • We invest in, license and commercialise researched-based medical devices and diagnostics from initial concept through to a regulatory approved and validated market-ready product
Case Study


The 3dBioPen is a hand-held device, used in research for promoting cartilage regrowth in knee reconstruction. It uses 3D printing methods to draw live stem cells directly onto the site of an injury. Motherson collaborated with the University of Wollongong, the University of Melbourne and St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne to evolve their research into a controlled delivery device. We provided design and simulation, the development of electronic hardware and software, prototype production including component sourcing and final assembly.

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Orthopaedic surgeons required a device with a controlled delivery system to define and test suitable materials for promoting cartilage regrowth in knee surgery.

The 3dBioPen uses 3D printing methods enabling surgeons to draw live stem cells and growth factors directly on to the site of an injury. The shaft accepts 2 x standard syringes, one containing stem cell material and the other a hydrogel scaffolding material, extruded coaxially under an integrated UVcuring light.

This product has multiple extrusion speed options and helps surgeons design and personalise solutions for reconstructing bone and joint defects in real time.


Motherson was engaged by the University of Wollongong during the material development phase. Our end-to-end supply chain management meant we could support development of the delivery device from prototype tooling and component sourcing, through to final assembly.

With the customer brief in mind, Motherson applied expertise in mechanism design to develop the actuator, lighting design and simulation to perfect the UV-curing light and the effective development of electronic hardware and software.

We worked closely with the University of Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital as they began clinical trials and continue to support the research, development, design and manufacture of the 3dBioPen.


The 3dBioPen is a single-use, handheld device created in our stateof- the-art clean room to ISO 13485 standards.

Currently a prototype used in clinical trials by research groups within the University of Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, the 3dBioPen is manually assembled in a Motherson manufacturing cell as required.

We’re proud to be part of the solution, working with research in Australia to commercialise new medical devices.

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Case Study

MaXm Skate

The MaXm Skate is a simple, yet highly sophisticated medical device supplemented with e-health software to facilitate purposeful and monitored patient rehabilitation after knee reconstructive surgery.

Motherson supported this project with design for manufacture solutions to manage product transformation. We worked closely with the inventor to understand product requirements and user needs. For clinical trials, manual assembly solutions are applied, with the ability to scale up to full volume manufacturing when required.

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With no structured rehabilitation program to accelerate recovery following knee reconstruction, prominent Adelaide Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew Liptak approached Motherson with a new concept.

The MaXm Skate is a fully integrated rehabilitation program designed to maximise function, reduce pain and improve outcomes following knee reconstruction surgery.

The patient’s foot is placed in the Skate, removing all load-bearing from the knee. Bluetooth sensors are connected to the knee and shin to track mobility during rehabilitation exercise. Data from the sensors is shared with the patient and clinician via the associated app.


Motherson worked with Dr. Liptak to understand his product requirements and delivered design for manufacture solutions combining volume manufacturing with user needs.

We supported product evolution using Catia software to design, analyse and manage the transformation. Prototype development included creating the mould, component sourcing, testing and evaluation. Motherson completed lab verification and achieved final assembly and packaging on time and within budget.

We’re proud to be part of our customers success and applied capabilities in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to incorporate complicated geometries, loadings and materials to help make Dr. Liptak’s vision become a reality.


The MaXm Skate is a re-useable device that helps clinicians better manage patient recovery following knee reconstruction.

Currently a prototype used in clinical trials, the MaXm Skate is manually assembled in a Motherson manufacturing cell, with the ability to scale up when required.

Motherson provides value during clinical trials, continuing the design and manufacture process with customer needs in mind.

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Case Study

Bladder Cancer Sensor

The Bladder Cancer Sensor uses plasma polymerised surfaces, functionalised with antibodies for the early detection of urothelial cancers. This non-invasive diagnostic also incorporates microfluidics and fluorescent microscopy.

Motherson is the design and industry partner of the CRC-P project with UniSA's Future Industries Institute and Flinders Medical Centre. The single-use device is manufactured in our state-of-the-art clean room to ISO 13485 standards.

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Current bladder cancer screening tests require an invasive cystoscopy. With the high recurrence rate of urothelial cancers and ongoing patient monitoring, cancer specialists were looking for a noninvasive test to alleviate patient discomfort and save time.

The Bladder Cancer Sensor is a ‘lab-on-a-chip’ diagnostic device for non-invasive, early detection of urothelial cancers. The test sends a urine sample through microfluidic channels, where antibodies are applied and selectively capture bladder cancer cells via plasma polymerisation and a microfluidics sensor. A stain and rinse is used to ensure the cancer cells can be easily identified under a microscope.


Motherson were proud to support knowledge transfer amongst the cross-functional team working on research and development for the Bladder Cancer Sensor. The team consisted of materials scientists, biologists, clinical researchers, urologists, manufacturing and design engineers.

Our collaboration with UniSA Researchers allowed us to translate the clinical opportunity from benchtop to patient.

Our products are built keeping patient safety and customer requirements in mind. Motherson embedded engineers in University labs and set up a pilot manufacturing facility capable of high-precision injection moulding and plasma polymerisation.

We created a functionalised surface using an ultra-thin plasma polymer, ready for the bladder cancer specific antibody and patient sample to be applied, bond and begin the selective capture of cancer cells.


The Bladder Cancer Sensor is a single-use device created in our state-of-the-art clean room to ISO 13485 standards. The final product is assembled manually, vacuum packed in a moisture and light (medical grade) proof bag including a desiccant for advanced moisture protection and sent to clinical trial teams.

Motherson is proud to be part of medical device innovation and together with UniSA’s Future Industries Institute and Flinders Medical Centre, the successful clinical trials of this CRC-P project continue.

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Case Study


Re-Timer uses light therapy to help people influence their sleep times by suppressing melatonin production. This ergonomically designed product can be worn for 60 minutes per day to achieve desired results.

Through collaboration with Flinders University, Motherson helped to develop Re-Timer from the early prototype models, through structural analysis and hazard assessments to final regulatory certification. Motherson manufactures Re-Timer to ISO 13485 medical device standards and manages the end-to-end supply of this Class 2a device to customers world wide.

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A clinical team studying sleep for more than 25 years saw a gap in the market for a consumer product to assist people prepare for and recover from changes in sleep patterns.

The Re-Timer uses a peak wavelength of light in the greenblue spectrum to alter the circadian clock. When worn for approximately 60 minutes at specific times of the day, the Re-Timer will significantly suppress melatonin, allowing the user to shift their sleep rhythms.


Professor Leon Lack approached Motherson to be their full-service partner including product design, validation and assembly.

Motherson created CAD models and simulations using the latest Catia software and completed structural analysis and hazard assessments to achieve regulatory certification.

Keeping the customer at the forefront of our focus, Motherson applied expertise in mechanical engineering, quality engineering and optic and lighting technology, as well as end-to-end supply chain management.

This product is manually assembled in Adelaide using lean manufacturing processes, before being shipped to Re-Timer for worldwide distribution.


The Re-Timer is an ergonomic wearable device created in our state-of-the-art clean room to ISO 13485 standards.

Customers such as shift-workers, regular travelers and people affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can purchase the product directly from Re-Timer and receive the final product in a purpose-built, zip up case.

Motherson continues the full supply chain management for Re-Timer, from component purchase and assembly to traceability and logistics.

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Case Study


Myriota created a low cost, low power module that can retrieve small packets of data from anywhere on earth through direct-to-orbit satellite, without the need for additional infrastructure.

As Myriota’s manufacturing partner, Motherson is able to translate their research into products that can be produced at scale to meet strict IPC-A-610F class 2 manufacturing standards. The Myriota Module and Development Board use durable components for harsh environments, with fast and accurate assembly for high volumes.

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The world is no longer limited by location and scale when it comes to accessing data thanks to the Myriota Module. 90% of the earth’s surface has no Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. Current technology is expensive, can’t scale and battery life is short.

The Myriota Module is a disruptively low cost way to securely retrieve data from anywhere on earth (land or sea). Using a robust design of onboard storage and a microcontroller for data pre-processing and compression, short messages ensure the product is cost effective and power saving. The direct-toorbit satellite network means users can count on coverage without having to plan, deploy or maintain a network.


Myriota undertook a global search for a manufacturing partner that would be able to support it’s business as it scaled and Motherson was successful in securing the contract due to our experience in high volume and high speed electronics manufacturing.

Motherson worked closely with Myriota to translate their research into a product that could be made at scale. Our automotive capabilities to make durable products for harsh environments were applied to the Myriota Module, along with tolerance understanding, testing, traceability, packaging and logistics.

We’re proud to be part of the solution for our customers and developed unique fixtures and processes, underlying the validation and product verification to ensure this product met strict IPC-A-610F class 2 manufacturing standards.


The Myriota Module is about the size of a piece of gum and has a range of applications benefiting industries including agriculture, transport and logistics, maritime, defence, environment, mining and utilities.

Assembly is fast and accurate using the latest Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines including high speed and high volume pick and place machines, helping our customers reach their end user quickly.

The combined expertise from both Motherson and Myriota ensured a smooth transition into full production, driving great outcomes for Myriota customers.

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Case Study

Smart Controller

The Reposit smart controller capitalises on household solar energy production to lower power bills and can even sell power back to the grid at the best price.

Motherson helped unlock the full product potential through our expertise in design for manufacture and our lean, high speed, high volume electronics manufacturing, testing and assembly capabilities.

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The Reposit smart controller is an award winning, quick and easy addon for your existing solar battery. To make the most of your solar energy, this smart controller learns the energy patterns within your home to lower power bills and stores excess energy produced during the day, enabling access to solar energy at night.

Reposit harnesses the power of distributed energy by selling power back to the grid when the prices are highest, and is Virtual Power Plant (VPP) ready.

The Reposit smart controller system works in conjunction with an app that shows real time and predicted household usage, energy costs, solar generation and battery charge, along with insights into further reducing energy bills.


Motherson was engaged by Reposit to bring their product to life. By adding our own expertise in design for manufacture, we were able to unlock the full product potential through minor design tweaks.

The combination of economies from global component purchasing and lean manufacturing processes, meant we were able to provide cost efficiencies to meet customer expectations.

The quality core module hardware is produced on our Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines on lead-free Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). Each PCB is run through our auto-optical inspection and undergoes a final test to meet ISO 9001 quality standards.

We’re proud to be part of the solution for our customers, providing a complete service from prototype production to full scale manufacture.


The Reposit smart controller is the first step into smart home automation with IFTTT (if this, then that) integration. Thorough testing and quality management ensures the final, branded product is received by our customer on time and within budget.

Motherson continues to manage the supply chain for Reposit, from component purchase and assembly to traceability and logistics.

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