Our industries

We encourage innovation through collaboration. We work with leading companies looking for specialist advice on current or new products, as well as start-ups looking to outsource design and manufacture. Motherson helps bring your product to life at any stage, by providing end-to-end solutions or a single part of the process such as engineering design, moulding or assembly.

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Our industries


We are a Tier 1 design and manufacturer to multiple global OEMs. Each year we produce millions of moulded components and circuit board assemblies as well as fully assembled and tested sub-assemblies. Thanks to the continuous support of our customers, we remain at the forefront of innovative solutions in functional and aesthetic interior and exterior lighting, along with exterior mirror assemblies.

Healthcare and Medical

We invest in, license and commercialise research-based devices and diagnostics from initial concept, through to a regulatory approved and validated market-ready product. From the preparation of clinical trial prototypes, to full scale manufacture and the integration of complex machine learning in automated diagnostics. Motherson can also support customers requiring the contract manufacture of medical devices in our ISO 13485 quality accredited facility.

Renewable Energy

We make renewable energy products to our customers’ exact specifications with expertise in the design and manufacture of electronics components and plastic moulded enclosures using precision injection moulding machines of up to 500 tonnes, as well as final assembly, testing and distribution.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our environmentally controlled electronics facility caters to lead and lead-free printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies with 3D inspection capability for solder paste and component placement, in high speed and high volume manufacturing. Electronic components can also be complemented by robust injection-moulded enclosures, suitable for a variety of harsh environments.


Our products are manufactured keeping in mind safety and our customers’ diverse needs. To serve the world’s leading vehicle makers, our capabilities in the manufacture of durable products for harsh environments are well developed and meet stringent industry requirements.


We are able to develop new products at a rapid pace and welcome the challenge of complex projects. Our capabilities in supply chain management and high or low volume manufacturing means we can tailor our processes to your project needs.


We create custom solutions using the latest design and manufacturing software, with advanced manufacturing processes to reduce costs as well as product time-to-market. We add value for our customers by tailoring designs, improving current products with design for manufacture or simply manufacturing a product to specifications provided.